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About The Artist 

I have always found an interest in art and design. I suppose it is an inherent trait within me. However, finding and extracting my creativity was not so easy at first. There always seems to be a point where this changes. For me, it was London. I was in architecture school. My tutors, Peter Thomas and Peter Sabara, challenged my creativity and I realized the endless possibilities art and architecture had to offer. They also taught me the importance of giving meaning to work through conceptual support, making the work grounded, thoughtful, and relatable. My work in London involved architectural dreams realized through art in a way. This very creative approach to a world so technical brought out seeds in me that I could not help but embrace and nurture. 

Over the years I have not taken the opportunities to create lightly. I have worked hard and experimented with a variety of media. My areas of focus include painting, photography, graphic design, and glass art. Of course these areas often overlap and I am constantly seeking ways to combine these disciplines. My conceptual approach to my art work captures a thematic narrative often relating to patterns prescribed in nature but found in the urban environment across a wide variety of media. I am also interested in the fluid dynamics of motion and the patterns created by this movement. These patterns often have emphasis with light and shadow creating a more vibrant visualization of my art work and the influence it has as an object in its environment. At times, I enjoy my art complimenting the space it inhabits. Other times, it feels appropriate to challenge the space creating a type of dichotomy within the space and feeling of experience. 

I hope is that my artwork generates thought and evokes feelings from the people who experience it. I would like my art to lead me to create unique artworks from experimentation and leading to large scale installations and exhibitions comprised of a multitude of media bringing my disciplines of interest together.