Rees Bowen has been working as an artist for decades. Currently based in Texas, he studied at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London and graduated from Texas Tech University with honors in architecture and minors in sculpture and photography. His studies in London expanded his design horizons by allowing his concepts to become the guiding force throughout his design process. His work, both in architecture and fine art, is informed by the idea of creating objects within particular spaces that distinctly influence an individual’s experience of that space. 

Bowen formed Spiralglass, Inc. in the 1990s as a way to feed the flames for his creative process. Through Spiralglass, he is commissioned for a wide variety of glass sculptures and installations for designers, contractors, and corporate collections. He created the gallery space Firehaus Studio to connect with other artists and art collectors. Rees has been involved in graphic art, illustration, advertising, branding, photography, two- and three-dimensional art, and video sequencing for more than twenty-five years. He has been selected for a wide range of corporate projects, private and public custom commissions, and received multiple awards. Bowen’s contemporary style is often rounded with traditional techniques such as in his glass art creations.

Bowen’s creative approach is unique to each piece depending on the client and their needs and desires, as well as the space where the work will be displayed. Each of his series starts by generating sketches, images, text, and other media. During collaborations, he works back and forth with others to create a collaborative work of art. His work continues to evolve, portraying new ideas and forms, challenging his past work, and leading him onto the next series of work while always remaining on the edge. Bowen’s glass art displays this creative approach. His works in glass range from blown glass to full fusing techniques and even painting with glass. Currently, he is working toward a wide range of artistic endeavors through exhibitions, gallery events, and collaborations. His vision for the future also holds space for architectural and interior glassworks. 

Rees has been involved with Glass art, graphic art, illustration, advertising, branding, photography, 2-d and 3-d art, and video sequencing for over 25 years. He has also gained well known status in the glass art community with his glass art and sculpture. Rees is the owner and director of lookimagine, LLC and Spiralglass, Inc. He has created a new body of sculptural mixed media art-work under the title ‘solar burns’ which incorporates painting with molten and blown glass. Rees is currently working on several theme concept driven exhibitions.

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